The Grid Reference is a tragic road movie about a father searching for his son after he vanishes. The Grid Reference is “The Third Man” set in Mexico.

Mr Williamson – once a writer of cheap novels, is now a lamentable drunk who chooses drink over fatherhood. Pressured by guilt he must journey to find the truth behind his son’s disappearance.

Arriving in Mexico, he hits the rainy season. The heat and humidity are stifling; darkness and brightness vie for domination. Life is cheap – alcohol is cheap.

James, Mr Williamson’s son, is twenty and has a secret – he is dying! With only a few months to live, he does not want to spend his final days in a hospital. He wants to see the world, discover paradise and achieve something before he dies.

Deep in Mexico a car is pulled from a swamp and James’ journal is found – however there is no sign of James. The police, led by its narcissistic Capitan, appear blasé to Mr Williamson’s plight.

Struggling between alcohol and his purpose, Mr Williamson turns to the journal and begins an investigation on his own.

However, nothing can prepare him for what the pages reveal. A dark underworld exists beneath the façade of paradise. Corruption, deception and even murder are chronicled and Mr Williamson soon finds himself at odds with the authorities.

Furthermore the journal exposes a blackness that inhabits James mind. He knows where he will die, a place that he calls “The Grid Reference”. Mr Williamson must raise all his strength and faith to decipher the clues within the pages to find the Grid Reference.

On this journey he is forced to question himself and why he has never been a father to his son. He must face the guilt and find James before it is too late.

At the point of failure Mr Williamson discovers the Grid Reference and the real truth behind it: James is dying – that is true. The journal though, is fiction – It is the novel that James wants his father to write.

The Grid Reference is an intricate story exploring the darkness that lies behind paradise and the value of fatherhood.

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