Scripts are thoughts in my head that I put down as words on a page which in turn are constructed into pictures and voices on a screen that put thoughts into people’s heads.

A thought will haunt me, it will exist as a ghost in my mind, it will never die but only will return again and again – each time growing stronger. The only way to cure it, to remove it from my mind, and allow other thoughts to grow is to write it down on paper.

Here is my slate of scripts, some of it still exists as thoughts, some as words and some under production. Click on each to see the full synopsis.

  • The Grid Reference – Feature film, available for option. The Grid Reference is a tragic road movie about a father searching for his son after he vanishes. The Grid Reference is “The Third Man” set in Mexico.
  • 29 – Feature film, available for option. A 90 minute drama following 3 men who end up going on a honeymoon together.
  • The Thing II – Treatment for feature film, available for option. A 90 minute Horror, based upon John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’.
  • Fence – Short film, available for option. An 18 minute film short. A twisted thriller, based around revenge.
  • TLS – Short film, under production. A 6 minute film short. An observation of a man at the point of his death.